MC Marketing Management aims to efficiently assist clients in creating a product of value, direct cattle merchandising and to implement an effective marketing strategy to achieve your program’s branding ambitions. Our approach with each client is simple – it’s goal oriented, straight forward, honest and professional. The bottom-line is, MC Marketing Management provides a unique service that reaches beyond the borders of sale management and encompasses not only the sale elements of your program but, also your day to day marketing and branding needs.

Simply put, we’ll help you sell your program, product and provide effective marketing management oversight throughout the year.

Goals and Industry Vision

  • Assist as clients set, execute and achieve industry and branding goals
  • Quarterly team meetings in person or via conference call
  • Provide sound marketing advice
  • Offer current and relevant industry insight

Professional Sale Management

  • Direct cattle merchandising
  • Assistance in sale cattle selection
  • Assemble an effective sale team
  • Catalog production oversight
  • Assisting with sale order creation
  • Sale day clerking
  • Post sale transfers
  • Help with sale related accounts receivable

Online Sale Management

  • Online sale hosting
  • Direct cattle merchandising
  • E-blast management
  • Assistance in sale cattle selection
  • Assemble an effective sale team
  • Catalog production oversight
  • Sale clerking
  • Assistance with sale related accounts receivable

Sale Consulting & Private Treaty Sales

  • Order buying at public sales
  • Bring buying & selling clients together in the pasture

Media Management Oversight

  • Print advertising placement
  • Website presence
  • Video production
  • Still pictures
  • Mailing list management

Media Planning & Scheduling

  • Coordinate with clients as needed relating to all media, production and sale preparation deadlines

Production Insight/Oversight

  • Genetic matings
  • Cattle evaluation
  • Cattle nutrition
  • Sale and show presentation

Customer Service Assistance

  • Herd visits
  • In-House sale representation
  • Provide innovative customer service alternatives

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