Jan 2, 2022

National Limousin Sale

Oklahoma City, OK

Jan 3, 2022

Genetics on Ice

Oklahoma City, OK

Jan 4, 2022

Lawrence Family Limousin Cattlemen’s Congress Online Bull Sale

L365 Online Sales

Jan 8, 2022

Magness Land & Cattle Mile High Elite Online Female Sale

L365 Online Sales

Jan 10, 2022

Tubmill Creek Steel Foundations Encore Tour Online Simmental Bull Sale

SC Online Sales

Jan 13, 2022

Hunt Limousin Ranch Heritage Online Bull Sale

L365 Online Sales

Jan 24, 2022

Bullis Creek Ranch Annual Bull Sale

Burwell, NE

Feb 1, 2022

Woodard’s In the Rockies Online Sale

L365 Online Sales

Feb 10, 2022

Rust Mountain View Ranch “Ace in the Hole” Bull Sale

Mercer, ND

Feb 11, 2022

Heartbrand “Click to Buy” 2022 Super Bowl Akaushi Semen Online Event II

W365 Online Sales

Feb 12, 2022

Treftz “Where Muscle Still Matters” Annual Bull Sale

Wetonka, SD

Feb 13, 2022

Spring Creeks Cattle Co Annual Bull Sale

Fennimore, WI

Feb 15, 2022

Coleman/Trexler Angus Annual Bull Sale

Missoula, MT

Feb 15, 2022

Coleman Glacier “Click to Buy” Semen Sale

Feb 17, 2022

ROM’N Limousin Online Bull Sale

L365 Online Sales

Feb 24, 2022

Symens Brothers Annual Production Sale

Amherst, SD

Feb 25, 2022

Wieczorek Limousin Annual Bull Sale

Mt Vernon, SD

Feb 26, 2022

Lonely Valley KeepinKind Bull Sale

Creston, NE

Feb 27, 2022

Voss Angus Annual Bull & Female Sale

Dexter, IA

Feb 28, 2022

JYF Annual Production Sale

Flintoft, SK CANADA

Mar 2, 2022

Beckman Livestock Annual Bull Sale

Roberts, ID

Mar 3, 2022

J6 Farms Annual Bull & Female Sale

Gibbon, NE

Mar 5, 2022

Linhart Limousin Business Done Right Bull Sale

Leon, IA

Mar 8, 2022

Schott Limousin 35th Annual Bull Sale

Mobridge, SD

Mar 10, 2022

Edelman Ranch Inaugural Production Sale

Willow Lake, SD

Mar 14, 2022

HeartBrand Beef “March Madness” Online Sale

W365 Online Sales

Mar 15, 2022

Vaughn Farms Genetics For The FutureProduction Sale

Napoleon, ND

Mar 19, 2022

Pinegar Limousin Herdbuilder Twenty-Eight

Springfield, MO

Mar 19, 2022

Balamore Farm, Ltd Bull & Female Sale

Great Village, Nova Scotia

Mar 21, 2022

Synergy Wagyu “Click to Buy” Semen Sale

W365 Online Sales

Mar 25, 2022

Kolt Cattle Company Red Dirt Divas Sale

Marietta, OK

Mar 26, 2022

Conley Cattle Spring Production Sale

Sulfur, OK

Mar 26, 2022

Pembrook Cattle Company Spring Production Sale

Fairview, OK

Mar 30, 2022

Davis Ranches Online Show Heifer Sale

L365 Online Sales

Apr 2, 2022

Magness Land & Cattle Western Slope Annual Bull Sale

Loma, CO

Apr 2, 2022

Ludens Family Limousin Annual Bull Sale

Viborg, SD

Apr 4, 2022

Southern Cattle Co. Purebred Limousin Online Sale

L365 Online Sales

Apr 5, 2022

Coleman Limousin Annual Bull Sale

Missoula, MT

Apr 5, 2022

The Fusion Vol VI by Hankins Farms & Bradley Cattle

SC Online Sales

Apr 6, 2022

Cross Creek Farm Inaugural Online Sale

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Apr 7, 2022

Wulf Cattle Annual Opportunity Sale of 2022


Apr 9, 2022

Berti Limousin Spring Production Sale

Sullivan, MO

Apr 9, 2022

Wilder/Lawrence Texas Showcase Online Show Prospect Sale

SC Online Sales

Apr 13, 2022

Petersons L7 Bar Annual Bull Sale

Pukwana, SD

Apr 21, 2022

KLS Farms ‘It’s a Southern Thing’ Online Sale

L365 Online Sales

Apr 25, 2022

Hager Cattle Co. Annual Bull Sale

Karlsruhe, ND

Apr 30, 2022

Coyote Hills Ranch Annual Production Sale

Chattanooga, OK

May 3, 2022

Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Spring Show Heifer Online Sale

Chattanooga, OK

May 5, 2022

Torgerson Farms ‘Cinco De Mayo’ Sale

L365 Online Sales

May 7, 2022

The Great American Pie Sale

Lebanon, MO

May 19, 2022

Rapid Bay Akaushi “First Edition” Online Sale

W365 Online Sales

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